11 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2016

Three words. You know which ones.

Bethesda/Nintendo/Sony/Square Enix

2016 has been a stinker of a year, unless you were a gamer. Thankfully, whilst many iconic superstars were popping off left, right and centre, the Coral Reef was dying and a mousse-haired reality TV star was taking office, gamers could surround themselves in the likes of Uncharted 4, Overwatch, DOOM, Inside and many more.

Indeed, it may have taken three years, but the gaming industry is finally firing on all cylinders, resulting in far more hits than misses across the board.

That said, when the overall spectrum of games is so stellar, it only serves to make the naff ones stick out that much more. And let's not forget, the hype around any given game these days borders on the ridiculous, and even so, which games didn't just fail to live up that expectation, but completely fell down as worthwhile experiences in of themselves?


11. Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

"Pokémon GO: 2016 - 2016"

Such will read the tombstone above Niantic's initially exemplary handheld title, as never before had we seen a mobile game have such a massive cultural impact. Everybody and their granny was attempting to 'catch em all', social circles were blossoming around real-world meet-up points and even small businesses were tying promotional offers into ever-expanding Pokédex totals.

The only poignant negative was a spotty 'tracking' feature; the mechanic that was supposed to help you locate Pokémon all around. In response, Niantic 'updated' the game, only to remove the feature altogether, thereby immediately crippling PoGo's playability.

To this day, Niantic are yet to implement a feature that accurately replicates the best of its original incarnation, and that serves to make Pokémon GO quite the ridiculous phenomenon: A game that shook the world and made millions, only to die off completely, all within a matter of weeks.

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