11 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2020

Oh, Marvel's Avengers. How did we get here?

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Crystal Dynamics

In a year where so many industries came to a screeching halt, video games continued to provide players with a bunch of new experiences to sink their teeth into. Even better, for the most part, they turned out pretty well. From the likes of Ghost of Tsushima to Doom Eternal, the quality bar has been high this year, but there were some notable titles that crashed and burned.

Now, while there has thankfully only been a handful of projects you could call outright stinkers, there have been too many more that failed to meet expectations. This doesn't mean they're bad - quite a few on this list are actually recommendable - but rather that they disappointed fans with half-baked mechanics, wonky stories or major technical issues that tanked all the potential.

That said, while some provide a good time with a few caveats in mind, others offer no such redeeming qualities. The following games should have defined the year, and in a way they did, but for all the wrong reasons.

11. Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4 And Xbox One Editions)

avengers game
CD Projekt RED

Now, this comes in almost as an honorable mention because it's not really a comment on the game itself, but rather the state that Cyberpunk 2077 shipped in on the current gen machines.

This RPG had been in development for eight, and was arguably the most anticipated title of 2020. With a whole bunch of delays implemented to make sure the devs got the launch just right, and the game as polished as possible, it was hugely disappointing to see just how much of a tire fire it was on the Xbox One and PS4.

While RPGs like this always encounter bugs at launch, it's rarely a deal breaker, and the issues with the PC and next-gen versions (though not the real next-gen versions, they're coming next year) are nowhere near as bad.

Still, after such a long wait, and with no footage of these versions out until the game was out, it's clear that Cyberpunk just wasn't fit for those older machines.

The issues brought the experience down for many, and completely overshadowed what should have been an amazing launch.


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