11 Most Evil Video Game Villains Of All Time

A hero is only as good as their villain.

video game villains

Heroes wouldn't be who they are without their villains; they're very much the reason why a character takes up the mantle of hero in the first place, as debatable as that may be.

Oftentimes the villains are the most interesting of the two main archetypes, too. You certainly don't want them to win, but you're eager to hear their side of things, their motives, backstory and quite often they're despicable, understandable, but often sinister.

They hold you back, lie to you, twist you around their finger, kill your family, take your friends or just plan on destroying the world. At the end of the day, they want what you don't.

They're evil, as simple as that, no manner of justification can prove otherwise because we're the heroes, are we not? They MUST be evil?

Regardless, here are 11 of the evilest video game villains of all time, with the notice that some will be missing, so do comment.

11. Edgar Ross - Red Dead Redemption


This son of a b*tch. Seeing his name angers me. Maybe he isn't genuinely evil but in some perspectives, namely our protagonists, he'd be considered it.

Edgar Ross, not a man with massive resources like Handsome Jack, but he makes good use of the assets available to him in such a technologically-limited time period. Such as, manipulating John Marston into doing his dirty work only to gun him down after making him believe he was free.

He's the representative for the force of centralisation and an expanding bureaucracy, working against the interests of the little people and the life of the wild west itself.

Words cannot describe the major heat this man had gathered back in 2010, and still to this day.


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