11 Most Notorious Gaming Sequel Set-Ups That Never Followed Through

11. Bulletstorm - Sarrano Is Still Alive

Bulletstorm concerns protagonist Grayson Hunt's quest to take down Sarrano, his former General who duped him into killing innocent people, and when Grayson decided to quit the man's employ, this turned him into a pariah to be hunted down. The game climaxes with Grayson squaring off against Sarrano, and eventually impaling him in the ship, but before Hunt can confirm the death, Sarrano jettisons Grayson and his team off the ship. Following the credits, an audio-only scene unfolds, in which we discover that Serrano has been rebuilt as a cyborg, as he utters the chilling final line, "God is dead." It's a pretty standard set-up for a sequel: the guy you've spent the entire game trying to kill is not, despite your best efforts, dead. So, now you've got to buy the sequel, where you'll do all the things you did in the first game, but slightly differently, and if you're lucky, with some gameplay refinements. But Bulletstorm 2 never came to pass due to poor sales, and so we're left wondering what Cyborg Serrano would've had in store for Grayson and co.
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