11 Problems Only Call Of Duty Players Will Understand

From noob-tubers to campers. An insight in to the everyday problems of a COD addict.

Nobody can deny that at times Call of Duty is one of the most frustrating games to play in the world. However, somehow it's one of the most addictive too; absorbing hours of your free time and draining all the colour from your face, except from the dark circles it leaves under your square eyes. They might say 'it's only a game', and although those four words send every gamer into meltdown, it's not only a game - it's a way of life. Global leaderboards, bragging rights and a network of likeminded people all waiting to blow your head off (in the virtual world, of course), there is a lot more at stake than non-gamer's would think. If you're a long suffering fan whose been blighted with the hackers who made World at War a living hell; or the nuke boosters that made Modern Warfare 2 almost unplayable... Just remember, it'll all be worth it when you finally get the hang of it and put in a performance Rambo would be proud of. Here are some of the most frustrating situations you've surely found yourself in over the years. From hackers to quick-scopers, remember to keep telling yourself it'll all be worth it when you unlock that golden camo for your AK-47.

Call of Duty gamer, NUFC fan and all round nice guy.