11 Shameful Video Game Achievements You Don’t Want To Share

9. Long Road Ahead - Guitar Hero 2


Achievements are usually given to your after accomplishing something at least reasonably decent, but for some sadistic developers, they decided to ‘reward’ those who did absolutely rubbish.

In the case of Long Road Ahead from the second Guitar Hero, it’s definitely an achievement you never want people to see, particularly when you’ve mastered the game and can comfortably 100% a song with the guitar held behind your back or playing it with your feet.

Yes, this one is the ultimate badge of shame burning a whole in your pristine list of achievements.

To get The Long Road ahead, you purposefully have to be so crap at Guitar Hero that you fail a song while playing on Easy mode. That’s actually very difficult to do, as Easy mode has much less notes, they come very slowly, and you get an ample amount of time to react to them.

We can only hope that anyone who received this achievement only did it because they needed to finish their trophy/achievement list and purposefully did crap on purpose. If you didn’t…well…let’s just say your hand-eye-coordination probably needs some work.

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