11 Things We Learned At The PlayStation Experience 2017

MediEvil is back, baby.

SIE Santa Monica Studio

It's fair to say that the early response to Sony's opening presentation for this year's PlayStation Experience has been...polarising. Sony was careful to let fans know ahead of time that the livestream would be a more casual, laid-back affair than a typical conference, but that didn't stop fans praying for megaton reveals of games like Devil May Cry V and a potential Dino Crisis reboot.

With its strange pacing and unexpected focus on lengthy panel discussions, substantial reveals were pretty few and far between over the course of the 90-minute keynote, while the lack of release date announcements proved especially disappointing. Surely the most conspicuously absent game was Insomniac's Spider-Man, which offered up neither a release date nor any new gameplay to speak of.

Still, the show did introduce a few more promising VR titles and provide many sly morsels of info about some hugely-hyped upcoming games. Here are the 11 most interesting reveals, announcements and slivers of gossip from the PSX keynote...

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