11 Video Game Bosses With Genius Hidden Weaknesses

These bosses giving you trouble? Not anymore.

final fantasy 10

Although video game bosses can be a pain, they are crucial at gauging the player's skills to see if they're ready to move onto bigger and greater challenges.

Of course, there are enemies who are more trouble than they're worth. When an adversary has instant-kill attacks, healing powers, a massive health bar, or a teeny-weeny weak-spot, throwing the controller across the room in frustration is likely. Even if the boss isn't difficult, the encounter can be tedious if it drags on for too long. In situations like this, players wish there was an easier way to put an end to it.

But sometimes, there is. By using an unconventional strategy, the hardest bosses in all of gaming can be cheesed. Depending on what tactic is used, the fight can be cut in half or skipped entirely. Although some of these techniques are only possible due to a glitch (also known as cheating), that shouldn't bother players, so long as they walk out with all their limbs intact.

If any of these bosses are grinding your gears, you'll be happy to know they all harbour a secret weakness.

11. Capra Demon - Dark Souls

final fantasy 10

After reaching the Undead Burg in Dark Souls, our unnamed protagonist is stopped dead in his tracks by a Capra Demon. The brawl takes place in a confined room, dramatically impairing the player's movements. On top of that, the demon's Attack Dogs keep stunning the player, making it difficult to tackle the sinister satyr head-on.

Luckily, there are ways to make this bout easier. If The Ring of Fog is equipped, the mangy mutts will ignore our hero, allowing him to focus all his attention on the boss.

But by equipping another item, it's possible to vanquish the goat-beast before setting foot in his room.

That secret weapon is... crap. Literally.

While standing on the other side of the fog gate, the player can hurl Dung Pies over the wall, plopping right onto the demon's head. Making contact with poo triggers the Toxic Status effect, sapping away the Capra's health. Once he's been hit with ten Dung Pies or so, the feral fiend will succumb to his demise. What a way to go.

Although there are similar strategies to best the Capra, this one is by far the funniest.


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