11 Video Games Where You're The Bad Guy - Commenter Edition

Nice job, hero.

infamous 2

If the title of this list looks familiar, it should!

Jules covered a bunch of these guys earlier this year, but I guess what they say is true, everybody loves a bad boy so you guys suggested heaps of entries that should also have been on this list.

Spoilers abound, of course, so please be careful. Here are 10 video games where you’re the bad guy - commenter edition.

11. Hitman

Hardballer Hitman
Square Enix

I’m starting with the most controversial of your suggestions as there’s some disagreement over whether our friendly neighborhood Hitman is an anti-hero or a straight up bad guy. Okay, he does do a lot of killing.

As you guys pointed out it’s right there in the name, but he does mostly kill bad people. Though he does do it for money. But he tries not to kill any innocent bystanders. Then again, that’s up to you, and you do have the option to cement someone to death. Yeah, look, I think Agent 47’s earned his spot here.

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