12 Best Video Game Moments Of 2018 (So Far)

4. The Hospital Scene - A Way Out

a way out

On the flip-side to introspection and heartfelt, emotional journeys is Josef Fares' love letter to American cinema and popular game design tropes.

Forcing you to play the whole thing in split-screen co-op, one of the most inventive scenes takes place in a hospital. Both characters Leo and Vincent are pursued by police, but the camera ducks, weaves and zips through multiple levels of the building, catching up to our heroes at key points, changing gameplay styles as it goes.

From stealth to quick-time event sprint-dodging, the best part is a full-on recreation of Oldboy's corridor fight, replete with stacks of bodies littering the floor after you've thrown a few punches.

Even as a piece of cinematography, the creation present in stitching together so many scenes into one flowing sequence is remarkable.

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