12 Biggest Missed Opportunities In Gaming History

P.T. could've been the one, the all, the EVERYTHING.


Thanks to the wonderful world of video games being one of the most lucrative of all entertainment mediums, there are always thousands upon thousands of ideas being given the green light, getting cancelled, receiving funding or otherwise passing in and out of the ether. The vast majority eventually find their way into being in some form or another, but there are plenty industry decisions, storyline possibilities and more that completely miss the mark.

And I do mean, completely.

We gamers are a fickle bunch, rather like a more far-reaching, never-forgetting continuation of the high school mentality that means if you mess up, we'll never let you forget it. A bad ending? A botched launch? It doesn't matter. If your game is markedly bad in any respect, that's a reputation tarnished forevermore.

So, whether it be a spectacular misreading of the tea leaves or a creative endeavour that went down like a led balloon once the general public got involved, here are the 12 biggest missed opportunities this industry has ever seen.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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