12 Dead Online Video Games That Should Never Have Ended

Because when the servers go off, these once-awesome games became little more than expensive paperweights.

As internet connections became faster and more reliable, it's allowed people to take their games onto the web and take the battle to others all over the world. Unsurprisingly, this means online gaming has taken off in the last decade. This has led to the advent of titles built specifically to play online, such as multiplayer-focused first-person shooters and MMOs, which are designed from the ground up to allow you to battle it out with as many different people as possible. Intense action like this just wasn€™t possible online in previous generations due to the limits in technology, and we're all grateful for it. Unfortunately though, the rise in online gaming means that when and if publishers decide to turn off servers you can be left with nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Sadly €“ and all too often these days €“ when these types of games lose their ability to be played online they can no longer serve their purpose, and might as well be consigned to the bin with the rest of the rubbish. The closing of multiplayer services can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes there just aren€™t enough people using a product to justify keeping it running while in others it could be down to complicated legal wrangling, like expiring licensing agreements, or even a desire to bring out a new installment. One thing is clear though €“ many of these discontinued games simply don€™t deserve to die, to be cut down in their prime leaving players without a viable alternative and waste all that time the audience invested in them. With that in mind, this article will count down the 12 games least deserving of being shut down, the ones that players the world over wished had kept going.
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