12 Gorgeous PS4 & Xbox One Games You Must Play In 4K

Let's see what these consoles can do.

Uncharted Lost Legacy
Naughty Dog

Across this generation more than any other, we've started to see a real focus on graphical presentation and the rendering quality of the games themselves.

Yes, past console cycles have done the "Look how good this looks!" dance, but you need only look to the likes of Digital Foundry's side-by-side comparisons to get a feel for how hungry the average consumer is to make sure they're getting the appropriate bang for their buck.

On top of which TVs are the best on the market, this is also the first generation where 'half-step' consoles are a thing. Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S/X offer 4K resolutions and upticks in pure processing power to deliver the smoothest and all-round 'best' graphics on the market.

Together (a good wall-sized TV and a powerhouse system underneath) video games can take on an entirely new dimension of pure, eye-widening entertainment, wowing with expansive open vistas, gorgeously-rendered character models and a cinematic presentation throughout.

All that said though, which games truly show off this technology the best? What is the video game graphics equivalent to buying a new surround system and cranking the volume up to "see what it can do"?

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