12 Hilarious PC Mods You Didn't Know You Needed

From murderous Teletubbies in Left 4 Dead, to erotic paintings in Dark Souls...

Modders are incredibly talented people, a fact exemplified by the sheer amount of them who go on to get jobs in the industry. They€™re also highly passionate, caring so much about a game as to essentially work on it with little hope of any monetary reward. In some cases, modders have helped fix broken or unplayable PC ports of console games, rendering them somewhat playable even after the original developers have long thrown in the towel. Considering their talents and their often lofty ambitions however, it€™s surprising just how many mods out there don€™t take themselves at all seriously. In fact, some are downright hilarious; take BeakieHelmet€™s Dark Souls one for example, which does nothing but alter the €œYou Died€ death screen to €œThanks Obama€. Then there€™s the countless Skyrim mods that turn dragon shouts into dragon farts, or horses into Tommy Wiseau. The world of mods can be a beautiful place. Some are extremely creative, some are deceptively simple and some are just downright hilarious. In some rare cases, you€™ll even find a mod that manages to achieve all three.

12. Fallout: New Vegas €“ Pokémon NV

Creator: Chrisplosion The wasteland is a dangerous place, filled to the brim with all manner of unrelenting nastiness. You€™ll need your own Pokémon for protection if you have any hope of surviving against the Super Mutants, Rad Scorpions and Deathclaws of the wastes. Luckily, with over 10 Pokémon to choose from, the Pokémon NV mod will have you covered. Currently the options are limited to Arcanine, Beedrill, Charmeleon, Ditto, Hitmonchan, Kabutops, Kangaskhan, Machoke, Nidoking and Scyther, but I€™m sure that€™s enough to get you started. Once discovered, each Pokémon follows you around like a companion, lending you a hand in combat or just generally keeping you company. Though there are no current plans for the mod to be expanded, just finding the different Pokémon and seeing them in action makes this mod a worthy download. Unfortunately, it doesn€™t come with Professor Oak. (Download Link)

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