12 More Enjoyably Dumb Things Gamers Do We Can't Explain

Don't play with fire... unless you're testing it in a video game.

Video Game Secrets

Even though video games are a real, respected art form, it that doesn't mean fans won't insist on messing about in them as much as humanly possible. A lot of this behaviour is easily explained, learned over years and years of repetition to the point where it's as instinctual as pressing the right trigger to fire a weapon.

However, there are a bunch of weird little tics and habits that all players have picked up that they can't help but do in just about every single game. Between reloading after only firing a single shot to going absolutely mad in the character customisation menu before reigning it in to the look you want, players have found plenty of ways to make their own, weird fun with the tools the devs give them.

We've covered 12 of them before, but they were just the tip of the ridiculously dumb iceberg.


12. Checking If Your Character Has Legs

While most player characters in first-person shooters these days have fully-realised character models, in older games it was more likely that you'd just be a floating, disembodied gun rather than a real human being/badass space marine. Consequently, the first thing you'd do when the game gave you control was look down and actually see if you had any feet.

Though it's a tiny detail, there was something genuinely satisfying about seeing your character's lower half when you looked down. Maybe because it made you feel like you were actually occupying space in the world or maybe because we all have a strange thigh fetish, checking out a character's legs was an absolute must.

And while most FPS protagonists have their body in view these days, it's just instinct to double check the developers have included it.


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