12 Most Disturbing Gaming Boss Battles Of All Time

11. Scagdead - Resident Evil: Revelations

The One Reborn Bloodborne

The Resident Evil franchise is a goldmine of hideous creatures and unsettling bosses, as players know. Still, there’s more to being truly disturbing than just having way too many eyeballs or a limb growing out of your stomach. It’s deeper than that, which is where Resident Evil: Revelations’ Scagdead comes in.

Yes, this is a disgusting beast with a face even Frankenstein’s Monster’s mother would struggle to love, but there’s more going on here. The original Scagdead the player meets in Revelations’ story mode is the freshly-transformed Communications Officer of the Queen Zenobia.

A lot of Resident Evil’s bosses are huge, mutated messes that are impossible to empathise with, but this creature has just transformed (having been infected by the T-Abyss virus) and retained some of its humanity. Not only in the form of the sad human head still protruding from its body, either.

It will entreat you to stop attacking it and also cry, “don’t run from me, I’m human!” Unaware of its fate, it will even try to help ("get away, there are monsters here!”). As corrupted as it is, though, it will also give chase through the Promenade Deck and try to slice you in half with its vicious chainsaw-esque appendage.


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