12 Most Hated Fighting Game Characters

Seriously, f**k you, Shao Kahn.

mortal kombat 11 shao kahn

You shouldn't envy the developers of fighting games. Sure, they get to spend their time coming up with increasingly gory and stylish ways for players to beat the ever loving snot out of each other, but the bulk of their time is spent making sure every single character's moveset is balanced, because even one overpowered fighter can break an otherwise excellent experience.

Also, imagine being the poor soul put in charge of the boob jiggle physics that've thankfully now mostly disappeared. Imagine explaining that job to your mother.

Balancing characters can't be an easy tightrope to walk, constantly suppressing the urge to create visually interesting fighters that have alluring movesets while also making sure they're fair and have enough weaknesses to be exploited by smart players.

It's such a tricky thing to get right that even the very best studios have fallen victim to it (sometimes multiple times), accidentally (and occasionally on purpose) creating nightmare-inducing abominations that make you rage quit every time you see them on the opposite side of the screen.

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