12 Movies You Didn't Realise Were Just Ripping Off Video Games

The Raid copied a Die Hard game? Mario Kart inspired a recent blockbuster? You bet!

The video game medium is frequently said to owe a lot to cinema, given how so many games attempt to evoke the style of a classic Hollywood movie: after all, is Uncharted really anything more than a modern Indiana Jones? However, as gaming has become a more socially acceptable and respected endeavour over the last decade, filmmakers have started taking it more seriously too, and as a result, some of Hollywood's biggest movies appear to have drawn inspiration from classic games. Once upon a time, the term "video game-esque" was used to refer to movies in only a strictly negative sense, but that simply isn't true anymore. These 12 movies are either stylistically or thematically indebted to a famous video game, whether the creators themselves care to admit it or not. And no, the likes of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Act Of Valor won't be appearing here, because they're just too obviously homages to classic beat 'em ups and the Call Of Duty franchise respectively. The movies on this list are a little more subtle about it, such that you probably didn't notice that they shared DNA with said video game. As video games continue to get more cinematic and immersive, expect hallmarks of the medium to become only more common in movies. Here are 12 movies you didn't know ripped off video games...


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