12 Terrible Video Games That Actually Had Great Ideas

11. Alpha Protocol - Dialogue Options That Really Impact The Story

Viking battle for asgard

"But, but it's an Obsidian RPG, from the same people who made Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and other awesome stuff. It must at least be kind of good, right?"

Nope. Sadly not. While some fine innovations occasionally shine through from impactful dialogue options and in how player agency can shape how the story develops, none can redeem this mediocre action-RPG. Beyond the bugginess, Alpha Protocol suffers from poor combat mechanics and dreary missions, which actually make you look forward to the oft-hilarious downtime in between.

While it was fun to pick between whether you wanted to approach moral conundrums like Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer or James Bond (the three J.B's, as Obsidian called it), everything in between was that other J.B. - Just Boring.


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