12 Things All Gamers On A Budget Can Relate To

No, YOU buy the new game, we'll just borrow it...

Xbox 360 Arcade Console

It's very easy to accept that gaming is an expensive past time, for the most part. With new generation consoles arriving every eight years or so - and a raft of costly games and peripherals to go with them - you're going to need some serious income if you intend to keep up with the rest of the gaming world.

For example, at present a 500gb Xbox One S, bundled with the soon-to-be-redundant FIFA 17 and one controller will set you back around £220, which is a lot for the basic console and a game that won't receive any more updates after the end of June.

Add in a second controller for at least £50, a stand if you want the console to run upright at £15 and an Xbox Live Gold Membership at £32 for the year, plus a headset starting from £30 and it's a serious whack of cash before you've even purchased more than one game.

So, the point is some of us simply cannot afford to keep up with this expenditure and we have no choice but to find alternative means of satisfying our gaming needs - if at all...

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