12 Things You Didn't Know About Batman: Arkham Asylum

You NEED to see these original Batsuit designs.

Batman Arkham Asylum PC
Rocksteady Studios

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the most unlikely smash-hit of the 2000s. While now any game starring The Dark Knight would essentially be an excuse to print money, at the time the character was practically poison.

Superhero releases had a reputation for being some of the most soulless, broken excuses for 'video games' in the whole industry, and nobody was expecting Rocksteady's Batman offering to be the one to break the trend.

Cut ten years later though, and Arkham Asylum continues to hold up as not only the game that completely changed the superhero landscape overnight, but a bloody solid experience in its own right. Rocksteady made something timeless, and it's persevered in pop culture as a result.

Consequently, the story of Arkham Asylum is arguably just as popular as the game itself, but there's still plenty of fascinating details about this little game that could that will make you appreciate it even more.


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