12 Things You Didn't Know About Fallout: New Vegas

From crazy romances to a scrapped huge endgame, New Vegas was almost even better.

Fallout New Vegas

Nobody expected Fallout: New Vegas to still be relevant almost a decade after it launched. The spin-off to the monumental Fallout 3 was ridiculed at release for its wealth of bugs and glitches, and initially seemed destined to go down as a stop-gap spin-off.

However, over the years fans have come to accept Obsidian Entertainment's follow up as not only being part of the 'main' series, but perhaps the best instalment in the entire franchise. Or, barring that, certainly the best one since Bethesda took over.

That's partly because the team was made up of people who worked on the original games, returning to their franchise that had since been retooled.

As you can imagine, it was a strange development period, and while New Vegas has gone down as a beloved cult-classic with a rabid fanbase since, there are so many interesting facts from the production that even die-hard fans might not know.


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