12 Unbelievably Shameful Times Video Games Tried To Be Sexy

Don't. Just don't.

Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball

If there's one thing gaming has yet to get down, it's allure, or genuine sexiness. Yes, we've had inflato-boobed fighting game characters, scantily-clad fantasy warriors and sex minigames, but did any of these things really hit home as being generally lustful or well done?

The whole "little boy's club" mentality has dogged gaming ever since the arcades - something that the industry itself has completely embraced and championed at key points over the years. The 90s in particular were a horrendous time for any self-identifying gamer, being every double page magazine ad was comparing "using your joystick" to masturbation.

Of course, there were far worse ones, too...

Game boy Advert

Now, at this stage there'll already be an army of SJW term-throwers down in the comments - and perhaps some of it is warranted, depending on how much you can laugh at what happened vs. feeling it was damaging to anyone on the receiving end - but one thing's for sure: Video games suck when it comes to portraying human attraction.

Case in point? Well...

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