12 Video Games That Drastically Changed Between Reveal And Release

11. The Division

Sometimes you just want to champion that sense of ambition that comes with "first looks" and debuts, but then looking back it's clear that what The Division was shown off as and turned into, were two completely different beasts.

For a start, it wasn't a loot-shooter. I'd hazard a guess those elements were added once Ubi got wind of just how successful microtransactions were becoming, alongside Destiny's model of "Just let people re-run the same areas over and over, they'll love it!"

Graphics too, received a considerable downgrade from that initial footage, and the ability for multiple players to join in regardless of whether they were on consoles, phones or tablets was ditched entirely.

As a result, hype netted Ubisoft some insanely strong day-one sales... only for the player base to drop off 93% in the following two months.


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