13 Bold Gaming Predictions For 2019

13. Microsoft Reveals Xbox Scarlett Early

Xbox One X

It's widely expected that both Microsoft and Sony will unveil their next-gen consoles in early 2020 for a late 2020 release, but it's entirely possible that in order to get a decisive leg-up up over the competition this time, we could see Microsoft's Project Scarlett revealed a little earlier.

Given that extensive details about Scarlett's apparent streaming-centric focus are already online while the PS5 remains mostly under wraps, perhaps Scarlett's actually closer to being both revealed and released.

As such, don't be totally shocked if Microsoft pushes ahead by a few months, formally revealing the Xbox One's successor with a full media blow-out in November or December of next year in time for a September 2020 launch.

This would likely give the console two months on the market before the PS5 lands, and if Microsoft launches it with a ton of consumer-friendly features that Sony's platform lacks, Scarlett could get off to quite the surging head-start.

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