13 Criminally Underrated Marvel Superhero Video Games You Must Play

The best comic book games that deserve another chance before you see Civil War.


There's never been a better time to be a superhero fan. With the likes of Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman hitting screens this year and with what seems like hundreds of comic book movies being planned until the year 2049 (at the earliest), the superhero bug isn't going away any time soon.

Yet superhero video games, for whatever reason, have never quite been the staple they should be in the industry. Sure we have the likes of the Batman Arkham series, but those examples are more of the exception rather than the rule when it comes to great comic book experiences.

But that doesn't mean video game fans have been hard done by, however, as there are plenty of amazing releases already out in the wild that were criminally overlooked when they first came out. Marvel heroes in particular have had a pretty good track record when it comes to gaming adaptations, with even the most shameless of crossover cash-grabs proving to be a pretty great time if you give them a fair chance.

Whether they were licensed games wrongly written off because they were associated with a big-budget movie, or simply smaller titles you might not have realised even existed, there are plenty of comic book games out there that could give you the superhero power-rush we're all craving.


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