13 EASIEST Ways To Kill Bosses In Elden Ring

12. Healing For Revenants

Elden Ring

If you asked Elden Ring players what the worst or hardest enemy in the game is, you might be surprised by how many pass over the difficult major demigod and legendary bosses to curse the existence of Revenants.

Revenants are teleporting, ghostly enemies which resemble Godrick's grafted creations but infinitely more disturbing. They move and attack overwhelmingly fast, vomit poison, and are nearly impossible to fight head on.

But with this nigh-impossible boss comes an unbelievably easy solution, which the game just gives you, if you read the informative notes sold by the merchants you encounter all over the world.

As explained in an in-game note sold by the Isolated Merchant right outside of Raya Lucaria's Main Academy grace site: if you use any healing incantation around a Revenant, they are stunned and damaged instantly, giving you the ability to two-shot this infamously difficult, hard-to-predict boss.

You don't need to do anything fancy - just pull out a sacred seal, cast the low-requirement heal spell, and half the Revenant's life disappears, and it's stunned long enough for you to cast the second heal and kill them.


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