13 Frustrations Only Girlfriends Of Gamers Understand

'What do you mean the power cable's cut in half? Nothing to do with me.'

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There is a special place your boyfriend goes to where he is unreachable. There will be no conversation, no eye contact, no room for couple activities because he has gone to a far away ...to the world of gaming. Once he's begun there's no getting him back and having him present in the room until he has completed several missions and worked on his 'kill count.' Whatever that means. Remember when you first got together and he said he didn't game 'that much' and you said you 'didn't mind at all.' The pair of you were telling obvious lies because now time has moved on it is quite clear that he dedicates a huge amount of his spare time to gaming and you spend an equal amount of time complaining. Without the frustrations of gaming you are the perfect couple but it will always be the one major issue you can't seem to understand each other on. Lord knows you've tried to join in and get into this gaming malarky yourself but this just ended in a frustrating argument as you weren't 'playing properly' or 'trying hard enough.' You thought games were suppose to be fun but it all just seemed very stressful! Here are the biggest frustrations only girlfriends of gamers will really understand...
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