13 Infamous Mis-Steps That Ruined Iconic Gaming Characters

Or how to lose fans and alienate players.

Like Hollywood, the video game world has its stars who have sometimes had falls from grace. Sometimes, just like in Hollywood, they recover and have fantastic career comebacks - after all, the mid to late nineties weren't great for Sylvester Stallone, but he made a huge comeback with Rocky Balboa. And now he's gone back to making the same films as he was making before his career nearly ended. You could say the same thing happened for Lara Croft. After her PS One glory she had Tomb Raider The Angel Of Darkness on PS2, which almost killed the franchise. Luckily it came back and has had two reinventions including the fantastic reboot last year. Of course for every Rocky style comeback, there's a Christian Slater or a Mel Gibson who either lose their star quality or get a bad public image from which they just can't come back. Here we'll examine some of the missteps which have seen our favourite characters and franchises stumble and fall, thanks to idiotic, misplaced creative decisions. Some of them have fortunately made a comeback, whilst others are still living in hope of getting up before the ten count...

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