13 Infamous Mis-Steps That Ruined Iconic Gaming Characters

12. Star Fox Adventures Stopped The Fox Flying

First there was Star Fox, and then there was Star Fox 64 and both were great games. Everything else that has come since can be seen as one extended misstep which has ruined Fox from standing proudly alongside Mario as a Nintendo mascot. Star Fox Adventures game was developed by Rare, but despite being an alright game is a massive black spot on both Fox's and Rare's records. Rare's final game for a Nintendo home console started life as the Nintendo 64 Dinosaur Planet, before being moved over to the GameCube and given Fox as its lead character. Unfortunately, Dinosaur Planet was always intended to be a Zelda like game and that took Fox out of his comfort zone, which as we all know is in an Arwing. Star Fox Adventures only received a lukewarm reception and many speculated that it was rushed to completion before Rare moved over to Microsoft. Nintendo then turned to Namco to develop the next instalment. Star Fox Assault was a greater return to the skies for Fox, but retained some ground elements with fox on foot. It wasn't amazing and did little to bring back to his glory days of the N64. Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS mixed up the style of play once again in the series, and whilst it was better received, it was the third Star Fox game in a row which gained most of its attention because of its name value rather than its individual merits. Star Fox 64 3D on the 3DS is his best game in years, but it's a remake and not an original title. Hopefully he'll come back to full strength on the Wii U.

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