13 Last Minute Rumours For E3 2017

The Year of Dreams 3.0?

E3 2017

The Super Bowl of Gaming is just around the corner, with E3 2017 set to keep gamers glued to their phones and laptops for a week of the biggest and most buzzed-about reveals and announcements.

Much of E3's excitement stems from the build-up, where fans make their predictions, the rumour mill works overtime, and the array of pre-release information becomes so hopelessly convoluted that it's hard to know who to trust.

It'll all be over soon enough, but until then, it's time to consider those last-minute rumours, leaks and apparent "insider information" about the latest new IPs, sequels, shock announcements and general craziness gamers should apparently expect from the show.

In a week's time, gamers can laugh over those implausible rumours that were never going to happen, and maybe even marvel at a few improbable leaks that somehow turned out to be true after all. It's all part of the fun...


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