13 Most Ridiculously Brutal Injustice Super Moves

Pushing the T rating as far as it can go.

Injustice Gods Among Us

Since their resurgence in 2011 with the Mortal Kombat reboot, NetherRealm Studios have continued to push boundaries when it comes to depictions of ridiculous acts of violence in their games.

Despite not including anything similar to the brilliantly gory fatalities of Mortal Kombat in their other fighting series, Injustice, however, the developers have still been able to include over-the-top super moves that play on the roster's superhuman abilities. Just like the X-Ray moves in MK, the supers in Injustice can be activated after building up a power meter, unleashing a devastating attack that decimates an opponent's health bar with a stylish and powerful finishing move.

Even without the mature rating of their other franchise, the developers still push the amount of violence and brutality that's deemed acceptable for the teen rating with these attacks, with some of them in particular living up to the savagery that you'd expect from a studio primarily known for their imaginative violence.

The devs don't always get them right, and some characters in the first Injustice in particular have underwhelming finishers that don't do their powers justice, but when these moves are executed properly, they can rival any of the jaw-dropping fighting spectacle found in any Mortal Kombat game.

13. The Joker - Injustice 2

When creating the super moves for the original Injustice, The Joker was given the short end of the stick. Perhaps because he's not much of a brawler and doesn't have much of an arsenal to pull from, the villain's orginal finisher was pretty uninspired.

Instead of trying to create something entirely new in the sequel however, the developers dug into the character's comic book history to find something suitably gruesome enough to make for a memorable super move. Thankfully, they settled on what's considered the character's most iconic moment of brutality: the death of Jason Todd.

Riffing on that infamous death scene, in Injustice 2 The Joker straps his opponent to a chair before going at them with a crowbar, eventually bringing down a switch to electrocute the them while explosive firecrackers go off underneath their feet.

It's all pretty gruesome stuff, but it's the menacing way that the finisher's captured that makes it so impactful.

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