13 Outdated PS1 Character Models That Used To Be Sexy As Hell

Tifa was like the 'Rachel from Friends' of Final Fantasy VII.


Sony's original PlayStation has not aged especially well. While it was amazing to see 3D graphics in a game at all in the 90s, even back then, the choppy polygons of early PS1 releases didn't hold a candle to the gorgeous, often hand-drawn art of the now-classic 2D era.

However, the 3D boom brought in more players than any other paradigm shift in gaming, and in the process birthed some of the most iconic characters the medium has ever seen. From Solid Snake to Lara Croft, many of gaming's most memorable heroes were introduced during this era - even though it took more than a little bit of imagination to figure out what they were actually supposed to look like.

But in this case, sex sells, and the limitations of the hardware didn't stop developers from trying to make their characters look as appealing as possible. The weirdest part is that it actually worked, and when you were growing up, there was at least one PS1 character that you had a bit of a crush on.

In hindsight however, you can only laugh at the polygonal abominations that were created in a misguided attempt to make video game characters sexy. Developers did the best with what they had to work with, but by god, it's hard to believe that these were once the cutting edge of computer graphics.


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