13 Video Games That Are Even More Frustrating Than Flappy Bird

There was you thinking a 2D side-scroller was infuriating. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Flappy Bird has made its mark as the most frustrating video game of recent times - so much so in fact, that the creator has made it unavailable for download, explaining that all the complaints and attention "ruined life." However, in light of this episode, we have decided to find 13 games that are actually even more frustrating than Flappy Bird, so much so that at times you would like to throw your controller through your TV (or keyboard into your monitor, as it were) if you played them. While I could have easily gone for the obvious games like Dark Souls or Battletoads, I opted to take a different route, finding titles that in difficulty may be fine, but when it comes to certain aspects may be tedious at best, and flat out frustrating at worst. Note that just because these games are on this list doesn't mean they are hated (some of them are personal favourites). However, no game is without fault, and this list proves that in abundance.

13. RC Helicopter

A relatively lesser known title RC Helicopter: Remote Control Simulation was a hidden gem for the original PlayStation released in the early 2000's. While the premise was simply helping out friends and family with your helicopter in activities that could simply be solved by using a ladder (most of the time), the challenge of RC Helicopter came during the mid stages of the game, as you had to keep your RC in tip-top shape to handle some of the more crazy jobs (such as getting rid of birds from a store, or trying to capture pictures of ghosts inside your school). A wonky camera did not help, as it could down your RC at the most inopportune time, causing many to become easily frustrated in what should have essentially been an easy game. For the most part, the entertainment is there, and the game delivers initially. Customisation options and execution was also on point. While the flight mechanics were certainly better than that of Flappy Bird, the tasks assigned were easily much harder.
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