13 Worst Video Games Of 2017 (So Far)

7. For Honor

For Honor

For Honor could've been brilliant. A checks n' balances breakdown of offensive and defensive attacks, evasive manoeuvres and environments where hundreds of NPCs factor into every battle? Sign.us.up.

Sadly, the reality of having a game so predicated on balance meant that the slightest issue created the biggest mess. At launch that was un-blockable grab attacks, then it was a mix of stuttering lag from Ubi's PVP servers, then it was their handling of loot and the in-game currency of Steel, as the only way to unlock everything was to resort to microtransactions.

What was once a sublimely conceptualised one-on-one fighter had turned into a rotting apple with only the barest of sweetness at its core. Sadly, to this day, playing For Honor can occasionally be a rewarding experience, but it's one forever upended by bad design at every turn.

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Gaming Editor

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