14 'Genius' Video Game Features That Were Total Accidents

14. Lara Croft's Chest

What you think: Lara's ultra-sexy look was custom-built to enslave the Western world, one Lucozade commercial at a time. Her love-pillows were conceptualised by a horny team of designers, electing to go directly down the 'sex sells' route, before backing it up with some ace platforming just to round things off.

What actually happened: The whole thing was an accidental glitch of the most gloriously heterosexual of proportions. The story goes that lead designer Toby Gard was playing around with the far smaller amount of polygons used to create characters back in the day, when he inadvertently tweaked her chest slider from 50% more than it was, to 150% - way higher than intended.

The result was him looking rather sheepish as the rest of the team convinced him such a ploy would be a great identifying factor and a solid business tact, and lo, Lara's world-changing, feminist-enraging figure was born. Check out those 1996 norks in-game; you can totally tell it's one polygon stretched way out - but that didn't stop legions of us ogling her triangular toblerone-bosoms as much as possible.

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