14 Best Marvel Superhero Video Games

The 'thwip' of a web-swing or the 'snikt' of a claw - who got it just right?

All aboard the hype train, you'll find velveteen cushions and Spider logo-embossed cup holders, as you're about to embark on a two year expedition towards another Spider-Man reboot - yet hopefully one that can finally get many things right; like a decent, faithful version of Venom, for example. Speaking of getting things right, plenty video game adaptations of Marvel's beloved properties have been nailing it for years, especially when it comes to going where the movies cannot and putting you behind the control of powers like Wolverine's claws, Spidey's web-shooters or Hulk's destructive power to name a few. Now over 70 years old (starting as Timely Comics) and with a burgeoning screen presence that's showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever, there's unlimited potential for the video game side of things to catch up with the silver screen. Although when you think about it, it is strange that the only two tie-ins to The Avengers movie were the Lego Marvel Super Heroes spin-off (it had an Avengers-themed opening level) and Battle for Earth, a shoddy Kinect game for the Xbox One. Still, from movie tie-ins to original takes on the House of M's phenomenally diverse mythos, there's a fantastic selection definitive games that'll all age just as well as their ink n' paper counterparts.

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