14 Best Marvel Superhero Video Games

11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The LEGO game formula has been everywhere from Middle-earth to Hogwarts, stopping off in a couple of snake-infested tombs along the way, but arguably the best - certainly the most colourful - use of the license so far was this Avenger-style tie-in that let you play as pretty much anyone you could think of. Even Howard the Duck. Everywhere from the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier to New York in general - complete with flame-accessory'd Statue of Liberty - was lovingly crafted, and when you could fly around the city streets as Iron Man before switching to Venom for the sake of leaping around and fighting plenty other characters, it was the perfect application of a game engine custom built to appeal to as many people as possible. With more heroes and villains you can shake a stick at, the signature Lego humour bringing everything to life like nothing else and even a Lego-Stan Lee cameo rounding out the package, this is just downright, unadulterated fun.
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