14 Brutally Hard PS4 & Xbox One Games You Can't Handle

13. Ori & The Blind Forest

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MOON Studios

Developers MOON Studios have teams stationed all around the world, the goal being to create a game from all the corners of the globe and see what it would turn out like. The result is Ori & the Blind Forest, a sublimely gorgeous metroidvania platformer with the perfect amount of difficulty propping up replayability and exploration.

The killer hook comes with a special attack meter you can burn to create a custom checkpoint anywhere in the world, thereby allowing you to dictate your own difficulty somewhat. If a rough patch requiring split-second timing is kicking you back farther than you like, do a lap of the environment and kill some enemies, then plant your flag and change the feel of that section entirely.

Ori's moveset includes everything from enemy-to-enemy dashes and mid-air redirects, downward slams and projectile blasts - the combination of each providing some of the best level designs seen across this entire generation.

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