14 Most BROKEN Video Games Of The Decade

There are plenty to choose from.

assassin's creed unity

As the decade winds to a close with one year of the generation left, it's fair game to start commenting on how this console cycle has gone overall.

Because whilst gaming has exploded to lucrative highs that outmatch even Hollywood in pound-for-pound revenue, chances are you've got a handful of personal stories surrounding high-profile disappointments, titles that felt unfinished, missed opportunities or even outright cancellations.

Yes, the gaming industry is bigger than ever; yes the likes of the Game Awards are being seen by more people around the world, but this increased breakneck pace has resulted in many major studios crunching project turnarounds to cash in as fast as possible.

That means more genuinely broken games put out for full price than ever before - a situation that mimics the industry crash of 1983, where afterwards, public perception of gaming was thought of as a waste of time.

After all, if all you're getting for your money is disappointment and half-baked time wasters, why bother?

Going forward it's clear that attitudes need to change in regards to turnaround, hype cycles, when games are first shown to the public and how much studios fall back on post-launch patches.

Right now though, we have a decade filled with games that did a harsh disservice to their most creative staff, and those that lay down the cash to play on day one.

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Gaming Editor

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