14 Most Hotly-Anticipated Video Games Still To Come In 2016

The year may be halfway done, but there's PLENTY more to come.

video games 2016
Sony/Square Enix/EA

So here we are. Halfway through 2016. It doesn't really feel like it here in the UK, where our Facebook feeds mockingly tell us we're now in summer but the reality feels far more like the late days of autumn (could be something to do with Brexit...)

In the absence of joy in the outside world, at least we can find comfort in our computers and consoles, which have been overflowing with wonderful new games throughout the year. With so many already released, you'd think that the yearly stock would begin to run dry, as if there must be a limit on the number of great games we can have in a given cycle of the sun.

Thankfully, the world doesn't work like that and there's still some great stuff coming up - from ludicrously ambitious open-universe sims to 70s gangland shooters and especially the latest twists on much-loved franchises.

Here's our rundown of the most anticipated games still to come in 2016.

14. Titanfall 2

video games 2016

Everyone's talking about the Battlefields and the CoDs, but one game that really deserves a hell of a lot more love is Titanfall - the free-running futuristic online shooter starring tons of bots and (more literal) tons of hulking bipedal robots.

Even though the first game wasn't as successful as EA had hoped, it's great to see it returning for a sequel, because it has all the potential to become one of the greats. Battles are still 6-vs-6 (with bots), but the addition of the grappling hook adds an extra layer of fluidity to the combat, while the already-great mechanics are receiving an obligatory level of polish.

There is also a single-player campaign this time round, involving a soldier and his Titan friend (yep, that means those Titans you've been annihilating like your toy collection are actually sentient!).


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