14 Things We Learned From Gamescom 2017

Fear Effect is back, baby.

Fear Effect Reinvented

Gamescom is over for another year, and though Europe's answer to E3 didn't exactly serve up any true megaton announcements, it's fair to say that this is most likely an indication of the current gaming cycle above all else, considering that this summer's E3 was widely regarded as one of the worst in recent memory.

At present, developers, console makers and players are all caught in an awkward holding pattern of sorts, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the future of iterative, generational console releases.

Still, that's not to say that Gamescom didn't serve up its share of intriguing reveals, from several hugely unexpected remakes due out next year, to more predictable but widely-anticipated ports getting finally confirmed, and more hype-building gameplay footage from some of the gaming world's most anticipated upcoming titles.

And of course, gamers en masse also had plenty to say about Microsoft's latest effort to sell the controversial Xbox One X, which was...interesting, to say the least...


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