14 Video Games You Should Never EVER Play

14. Bubsy 3D


When the studio, Eidetic, released their 1993 game, Bubsy, the title character was expected to be a rival mascot for Sonic and Mario.

The game was good but not the showstopper that was promised. When Eidetic tried to make the transition to 3D with the PlayStation game, Bubsy 3D, it was a disaster.

The camera in the game shifts every time Bubsy jumps, making it difficult to manoeuvre him. Because the walls of each level look identical (a textureless polygon), it's nearly impossible to tell where to go. The whole time you are trying to play (emphasis on the word "trying"), Bubsy keeps spouting unfunny cat puns.

Although Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a scathing review, the box art for Bubsy 3D paraphrased part of the critique so it sounded like EGM was praising it.

You might think I'm being too harsh. It was a 3D game that came out in 1996. The technology was in its infancy. What did people expect?

Do you know what other 3D games came out that year? Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario 64. Compared to these classics, Bubsy 3D was a laughing stock.

The reception was so negative, the franchise didn't release a follow-up for 21 years.


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