15 Best Amusement Parks In Video Games

Who needs Disneyland when you have these??

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Amusement parks and video games have more in common than you'd think.

They both want you to have fun, spend money, and with theme parks specifically they want to immerse you in a fictional world just like games do. Look at Disney Land for example. The place does everything it can to convince you that you're walking through a sci-fi world when you go to Tomorrowland.

But what happens when both of these entertainment types meet?

Well, you get Super Nintendo World but that's not what we're talking about today. We're talking about amusement parks, theme parks, and carnivals throughout gaming. If they have rides then they qualify for the list.

They can serve so many purposes in a game. They can be fun areas where you play a few mini-games, they can be haunted locales filled to the brim with killer clowns, or they can just be regular old levels that happen to include rollercoasters.

Theme parks specifically can be even more interesting, as in a more grounded video game they can be a stand-in for an unrealistic theme. For example, a space theme park is the closest you'll get to a sci-fi level in a completely grounded game.

So let's look at the best video game amusement parks.

15. Twinkle Park - Sonic Adventure

final fantasy 7 Golden saucer

A theme park that mixes a more traditional fantasy setting with a space aesthetic, Twinkle Park from the original Sonic Adventure is great.

As Sonic, the level starts off with you driving a bumper car through what is frankly a pretty dangerous course before you ride a slightly safer rollercoaster that flings you off at the place proper.

I'm pretty sure that the place forcing guests onto two fast rides before they're allowed to enter might have something to do with how empty Twinkle Park is. Some people might just want to go on the swinging pirate ship whilst avoiding the bumper car where you can easily die.

Sonic isn't the only one to visit this place. You also visit the location as Amy in what's easily one of her best stages.

Whilst a lot of the location is top-notch there are a couple of things letting Twinkle Park down. For a start, you visit the level as Big the Cat which is awful and doesn't even make sense. Who goes fishing in a theme park? Also, the level focuses on precise platforming at points which just doesn't work too well in Sonic Adventure.

But other than that the place is great.


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