15 Best RPGs Of The Decade

Saving the world, one grand adventure at a time.

CD Projekt RED

Role-playing games, or RPG's in this instance, have been both one of the consistent yet constantly changing genres of the last few decades. From roots in point and click adventures dominating the PC market and early turn-based, 2D adventures on consoles, they've developed into the multi-faceted titles we see today.

In the last ten years we've had continued franchises expanded on and bettered, whilst some return to a style that reminds us of the older days, to new entries coming in and subverting everyone's expectations completely.

There's been epic adventures in the world of sci-fi, with space adventures, futuristic wasteland exploration and even near-future "what if's" to be explored. We've also had the good ol' fashioned fantasy lands to take advantage of too, with demons, dragons and allsorts being thrown into the mix. Heck, we've even had a couple from a particularly offensive TV show in there for good measure, too.

But what makes an RPG great?

Is it just the setting, or is the characters we inhabit and interact with in these worlds? Is it the depth and breadth of being able to mold characters into any playstyle you choose, or the worlds themselves that we get to explore?

For many, it's all of the above and then some, as the near-limitless freedom to explore and engage in these worlds presented to us. So settle back, as we look at fifteen of the best RPG's in the last decade.


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