15 Best Video Game Moments Of 2017 (So Far)

It was about time Harley fought back against the Joker.

Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice

When it comes to sizing up just how topsy-turvy this console generation has been, what started as the truly disastrous output of 2014 has blossomed into the last two years being positively rammed with landmark releases, incredible new characters and enjoyably innovative game design.

Indeed, if you let the likes of Knack and Watch Dogs fade away into obscurity, there's everything from The Witcher 3 to Overwatch, Metal Gear Solid V and Uncharted 4 to INSIDE and DOOM - all of which are exemplary top-tier experiences worth the cash.

All of which brings us to 2017, and the age-old question us consumers always posit to the industry:

"What have you done for me lately?"

Thankfully, the answer is "Finally pulled our finger out".

2017 has given us a steady flow of genuinely essential titles ranging from Resident Evil 7 to Horizon Zero Dawn, a completely revamped Zelda to the Souls-inspired Nioh or the medium-bending NieR: Automata - not to mention indie powerhouses like Pyre and Night in the Woods.

With so many titles on the market it's easy for some to go overlooked, but comprising triple As, indies and anything in between, each of the following moments have made 2017 the best year of the generation so far.

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