15 Early Predictions For E3 2019

Microsoft prepares the megatons.

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Can you believe we're a mere three months away from E3 2019?

It felt like just yesterday we were largely left underwhelmed by last year's E3 showcase, yet gamers are already gearing themselves up for another week of hopefully-exciting video game reveals.

We already know that Sony is sitting out 2019, ensuring this'll be a pretty weird year for the show from the outset. However, it's something Sony's competitors are sure to take full advantage of.

If rumours are to be believed, E3 is going to be all about Microsoft this year, as they take bold swings to win back a decent chunk of their lost market share and (possibly) change gaming for the better.

Elsewhere various sequels and reboots are likely to be announced, and fingers are certainly crossed that some of E3's more conspicuous absentees from recent years will finally get their feted, glossy reveals this time.

As the final proper E3 of the current generation, it's sure to be one of awkward transition, but in nodding to the future while sewing up the present, it could also be the most exciting show of the last few years...

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