15 Failed Video Games That Became Cult Classics

15. Vanquish

Platinum Games

Platinum Games third console release, Shinji Mikami's slick third-person shooter Vanquish, came and went in underwhelming fashion. It didn't help that it was another grey third-person sci-fi shooter when fatigue for the genre was heavy, or that there was a general disconnect to Japanese game developers at the time. Yet, this kinetic shooter was the breath of fresh air the stagnating genre was asking for.

Placed inside the armoured suit of a DARPA soldier amidst a mech-based battle with Russia, the plot is straight nonsense but luckily the developers never let it get in the way of what truly works: the breakneck and exhilarating combat.

Power sliding, slow-motion head shots and fluid bombastic action are all at your disposal, with Platinum's game mechanics pushing the boundaries of the action genre in fresh and subversive ways - even if it fell on deaf ears.

Over the years, a loyal and outspoken following for the game gathered, with their vocal efforts resulting in a slick PC port without a frame rate stutter in sight. Whilst their hunger for a sequel will never come to fruition, at least one of last gen’s stand-out action games eventually got its due and fan-fare.

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