15 Great Video Games That Would Most Likely Be Terrible Movies

14. Fable

First and foremost, it has to be said the storyline to Fable is fairly generic. The fun lies in the gameplay and how much you can figure out to do in the game. For example, getting your morality score high enough to have multiple halos and then doing enough evil things to end up with huge devil horns feels like nothing else. Take all that away and you're left with a plot that feels like it was written by a guy who had a copy of "Fantasy Genre Tropes and Cliches for beginners" next to his keyboard. The only thing beyond gameplay that Fable really has going for it is a fresh and eye catching look. It's a wonder to gaze at. That is probably enough to get an audience into the theaters, but it's not enough for we story deprived nerds who want awesomeness and the Fable story is simply not awesome. Also, even worse the main character is a blank slate cypher that is something that games often employ to let the player feel like the character is them. It works when you have a controller in your hand, but not when your in a seat that cost you 6 to 10 dollars with a soda that cost you 5 and snacks that cost you more than I care to think about (unless of course you were smart enough to sneak in your own supply). That's the time when you want a fleshed out character that is distinctive and unique. In order for that character to exist in a Fable movie, the screen writers will have to add and invent material on their own, so the whole thing is really gonna be dependent on what's added into the story that isn't there already. This isn't to say that a movie version of Fable can't be any good, just that a good Fable movie won't at all feel like the game.
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