15 Greatest Set-Pieces In Video Game History

The best popcorn moments that gaming has to offer.

Whether you like it or not, games are becoming increasingly cinematic. Of course, they were always going to. As technology advanced and graphics grew more lifelike, games could recreate film-quality experiences with scary accuracy. Some series show this better than others - take Call of Duty as an example. Running through a Call of Duty campaign is full of movie-like moments, be it buildings crumbling in the distance or dramatic explosions pushing your player character to the floor. Of course, set-pieces aren't just about action. They can also be calm, dramatic moments which reveal something to the player or give the plot a nice sharp twist. In fact, these moments can be even more exciting as they step away from the things that games are typically about (violence being a notable one). Whatever the reasoning behind their inclusion, set-pieces are a big part of story-driven games. Naturally, as with all things, some are better than others. Some games manage to blend set-pieces into the action beautifully or use them in a manner which befits the story perfectly; other games tend to shoehorn them in and make the whole thing a bit of a mess. So let's celebrate set-pieces done correctly; those awe-inspiring moments in games which set it apart from any other entertainment medium. The fifteen set-pieces on this list vary in genre and style but all of them are stand-out, memorable moments in games which left an impact on us. If you think that a great moment has been missed, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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